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(North Yorkshire - GB)


Photo Addres Name Artist Year
York Cat Trail Old Town, various places York Cat Trail Jonathan Newdick 1983 and ongoing
4 Seasons Acomb Road 4 Seasons Lynn O'Dowd 2014/15
Mary Wandesford Bootham 37 Mary Wandesford artist unknown 18th century?
St. William of York College Street St. William of York artist unknown 20th century
South African War Memorial Duncombe Place South African War Memorial Robert Bridgeman 1905
William Etty Exhibition Square William Etty George Walker Milburn 1911
York Artists, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition Square York Artists, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci George Walker Milburn & W.B. Simpson & Sons 1879 and 1887
Friesian Calf Exhibition Square  Friesian Calf Sally Arnup 1996
Bootham Bar Statues High Petergate Bootham Bar Statues Medieval artist Medieval (copies from 1894)
Minerva High Petergate / Minster Gates Minerva John Wolstenholme 1801
St. Olave Marygate St. Olave artist unknown 18th century?
Saints' Statues at York Minster Minster Yard Saints' Statues at York Minster Medieval artist Medieval - copies
Classical statues Minster Yard Classical statues 19th century sculptor & Austin and Seeley 19th century
Constantine the Great Minster Yard Constantine the Great Philip Jackson 1998
Bust of an unknown man Minster Yard 1A  Bust of an unknown man artist unknown date?
William Milner Station Road William Milner artist unknown 1984
George Leeman Station Road / Station Avenue George Leeman George Walker Milburn 1885
Queen Victoria West Bank Park Queen Victoria George Walker Milburn 1905

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