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(Warwickshire - GB)


Photo Addres Name Artist Year
The Swan Water Fountain Bancroft Gardens The Swan Water Fountain Christine Lee 1996
Hermaphroditus <i>or</i> Youth at the stream Bancroft Gardens Hermaphroditus or Youth at the stream John Henry Foley 1844 (1932)
William Shakespeare - <i>Gower Memorial</i> Bancroft Gardens William Shakespeare - Gower Memorial Lord Ronald Gower 1888
Peace Memorial Bancroft Gardens Peace Memorial Naomi Hamer & Trevor Brown 1995
Scenes from Shakespeare's plays Ely Street / Chapel Street Scenes from Shakespeare's plays Samuel Barfield 1883
The Jester Henley Street The Jester James Walter Butler 1994
William Shakespeare Sheep Street William Shakespeare John Cheere & Peter Scheemakers 1769
Everyman Statue Sheep Street Everyman Statue Fred J. Kormis 1964
Emotions expressed in Shakespeare's plays Waterside Emotions expressed in Shakespeare's plays Eric Kennington 1932
Sir Archibald Flower Waterside  Sir Archibald Flower artist unknown date?
William Shakespeare Waterside  William Shakespeare Clemence Dane after 1953
Comedy, History and Tragedy Waterside Comedy, History and Tragedy Paul Kummer 1886
The Fiddler, the Mandolin Donkey and the Owl Waterside The Fiddler, the Mandolin Donkey and the Owl Frank Meisler & Arie Ovadia 1990

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