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Saint Paul
(Minnesota - US)


Photo Addres Name Artist Year
Promise of Youth 12th Street W 20 Promise of Youth Alonzo Hauser 1958
Earth Bound 12th Street W 20 Earth Bound John Karl Daniels 1956
Friedrich von Schiller Estabrook Drive Friedrich von Schiller Ignatius Taschener 1907
Soldiers and Sailors Monument John Ireland Boulevard / Summit Avenue Soldiers and Sailors Monument John Karl Daniels date?
Knute Nelson Minnesota State Capitol Mall Knute Nelson John Karl Daniels 1928
John Albert Johnson Minnesota State Capitol Mall John Albert Johnson Andrew O'Connor 1912
Floyd B. Olson Minnesota State Capitol Mall Floyd B. Olson Amerigo Brioschi & Carlo Brioschi 1958
Minnesota Korean War Memorial Minnesota State Capitol Mall Minnesota Korean War Memorial Arthur H. Norby 1998
Monument to the Living Minnesota State Capitol Mall Monument to the Living Rodger M. Brodin 1982
Charles Lindbergh Memorial 'The Boy and the Man' Minnesota State Capitol Mall Charles Lindbergh Memorial 'The Boy and the Man' Paul T. Granlund 1985
Christopher Columbus Minnesota State Capitol Mall Christopher Columbus Carlo Brioschi & Leo Lentelli 1931
Charles Schulz's Peanuts characters N Market Street Charles Schulz's Peanuts characters TivoliToo 2003-2004
Saint Paul Summit Avenue  Saint Paul Glenn Terry 2000
Eugenio Pacelli - Pope Pius XII Summit Avenue  Eugenio Pacelli - Pope Pius XII artist unknown 1946
John Gregory Murray Summit Avenue  John Gregory Murray artist unknown 1956
St. Peter and Paul, Christ and the apostles Summit Avenue St. Peter and Paul, Christ and the apostles 1907/15
School Patrol Flagpole Summit Avenue / Old Kellogg Boulevard School Patrol Flagpole 1973
Christ University Avenue 105 Christ 1940
Leif Eriksson University Avenue W / Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Leif Eriksson
John Karl Daniels 1949
Herb Brooks W 4th Street / N Washington Street Herb Brooks Honors for Excellence 2004
The Source W 5th Street The Source Alonzo Hauser 1965
F. Scott Fitzgerald W 5th Street / N Market Street F. Scott Fitzgerald Michael B. Price 1996

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