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Photo Addres Name Artist Year
The Fossil Tree - Leeds Armouries Way The Fossil Tree - Leeds Jon Mills 2001
Voilà! Bond Court Voilà! Roger Burnett 2000
Steeped Vessels Brewery Place Steeped Vessels Ian Randall 2006
Equus Altus Briggate 40 Equus Altus Andy Scott 2013
Briggate Minerva Briggate 40 Briggate Minerva Andy Scott 2013
Both Arms Calverley Street Both Arms Kenneth Armitage 2000
From Freedom to Future Calverley Street From Freedom to Future Antonia Stowe 2004
Boy and Girl - with the Leeds coat of arms Calverley Street  Boy and Girl - with the Leeds coat of arms Matthew Taylor & Benjamin Payler 1880
Michael Thomas Sadler Cemetery Road Michael Thomas Sadler Patric Park 1837
Edward the Black Prince City Square Edward the Black Prince Thomas Brock 1903
The Drury Dames: Even and Morn City Square The Drury Dames: Even and Morn Alfred Drury 1903
Joseph Priestley City Square Joseph Priestley Alfred Drury 1903
Walter Farquhar Hook City Square Walter Farquhar Hook Frederick W. Pomeroy 1903
John Harrison City Square John Harrison Henry C. Fehr 1903
James Watt City Square James Watt Henry C. Fehr 1903
Statues at the General Post Office City Square Statues at the General Post Office William Silver Frith 1896
Agriculture and Manufacture City Square Agriculture and Manufacture Joseph Thewlis 1899
Legs Walking City Square Legs Walking Kenneth Armitage 2001
Flight City Square 1 Flight Lorne McKean 1998
Calvary Group Cookridge Street Calvary Group artist unknown 1904
The Horned Helmet of Henry VIII Dockside The Horned Helmet of Henry VIII artist unknown 1996?
The Dortmund Drayman Dortmund Square The Dortmund Drayman Artur Schulze-Engels 1980
Arthur Aaron Eastgate / St Peters Street Arthur Aaron Graham Ibbeson 2001
Billy Bremner Elland Road Billy Bremner Frances Segelman 1999
Angel Great George Street Angel artist unknown date?
The Human Spirit <i>or</i> Crown Leighton Street The Human Spirit or Crown Faith Bebbington 2002
The Black Horse Lovell Park Road 1 The Black Horse Peter Tysoe 1976
Don Revie Lowfields Road Don Revie Graham Ibbeson 2012
Golden Owls Millennium Square Golden Owls Various sculptors 1933 and 2000
Putti with animals Millennium Square Putti with animals Hermon Cawthra 1933

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