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Photo Addres Name Artist Year
Sir Robert Peel Moor View Sir Robert Peel William Behnes 1852
Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington Moorland Road / Clarendon Road Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington Carlo Marochetti 1855
The 'Mystery Monarch' New Briggate 62-64 The 'Mystery Monarch' artist unknown c. 1900
War Memorial The Headrow War Memorial Henry C. Fehr & Ian Judd 1922 & 1992
Reclining Woman: Elbow The Headrow Reclining Woman: Elbow Henry Moore 1981
Painting, Music, and Poetry The Headrow 147-157 Painting, Music, and Poetry John Throp 1880
Patrick James Foley The Headrow 159 Patrick James Foley artist unknown 1911
A Reflective Approach The Parade / The Boulevard A Reflective Approach Kevin Atherton 2007
Levitating Woman <i>or</i> The Dreamer University Road Levitating Woman or The Dreamer Quentin Bell 1982
Heron Victoria Quays Heron artist unknown after c. 2000
Heroes of Leeds Trail Waterfront between Crown Point Bridge and Knight Bridge Heroes of Leeds Trail Ged Walker 2019
Hermes <i>or</i> The Spirit of Enterprise Willow Terrace Road Hermes or The Spirit of Enterprise William Chattaway 1958
Henry Rowland Marsden Woodhouse Lane Henry Rowland Marsden John Throp 1878
Queen Victoria Woodhouse Lane Queen Victoria sir George Frampton 1905
Peter Fairbairn Woodhouse Square Peter Fairbairn Matthew Noble 1868

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