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Peter Paul Rubens


Photo Name Artist Place
Peter Paul Rubens Peter Paul Rubens Guillaume (Willem) Geefs Antwerpen (Antwerpen - BE) 1840
Fassadenporträts an der Kunstakademie Fassadenporträts an der Kunstakademie Dresden (Stadt Dresden - DE) 1891/95
Ateneumin julkisivuveistokset Ateneumin julkisivuveistokset Ville Vallgren & Carl Eneas Sjöstrand Helsinki (Uusimaa - FI) 1887
Painters of the 15th-19th centuries Painters of the 15th-19th centuries artist unknown Hull (East Riding of Yorkshire - GB) 1909
The Albert Memorial The Albert Memorial Various sculptors London (London - GB) 1872-75