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Co. Dublin - Contae Átha Cliath


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Dublin - Baile Átha Cliath
Co. Dublin - Contae Átha Cliath
Photo Addres Name Artist Year
George Salmon College Green, D2 George Salmon John Hughes 1911
Edmund Burke College Green, D2 Edmund Burke John Henry Foley 1868
Oliver Goldsmith College Green, D2 Oliver Goldsmith John Henry Foley 1864
Hibernia, Fidelity and Commerce College Green, D2 Hibernia, Fidelity and Commerce Various sculptors 1804
Cactus Provisoire College Green, D2 Cactus Provisoire Alexander Calder 1967
Hibernia College Green, D2 Hibernia C.W. Harrison & Sons 1875
Thomas Moore College Street, D2 Thomas Moore Christopher Moore 1857
Justice Conyngham Road, D8 Justice Leo Higgins 2009
The Custom House Statues Custom House Quay, D1 The Custom House Statues Various sculptors 1791
Famine - <i>an Gorta</i> Custom House Quay, D1 Famine - an Gorta Rowan Gillespie 1997
Bull and Bear Custom House Quay, D1 Bull and Bear Don Cronin 1999
Oileán na nDaoine D'Olier Street / Westmoreland Street, D2 Oileán na nDaoine
(People's Island)
Rachel Joynt 2015
Celtic warrior Dame Street 38, D2 Celtic warrior artist unknown 1904?
Crann an Óir Dame Street, D2 Crann an Óir
(The Tree of Gold)
Éamonn O'Doherty 1991
Fortitude and Justice Dublin Castle, D2 Fortitude and Justice John van Nost the Younger 1750
Veronica Guerin Dublin Castle, D2 Veronica Guerin John Coll 2001
Serpent Pool <i>or</i> Garden of Eden Serpent Dublin Castle, D2 Serpent Pool or Garden of Eden Serpent Sarah Daly 1994
Special Olympics Monument Dublin Castle, D2 Special Olympics Monument John Behan 2003
Sir Alfred Chester Beatty Dublin Castle, D2  Sir Alfred Chester Beatty Carolyn Mulholland 1996
Christ, St. Patrick and St. Agatha Dunne Street, D1 Christ, St. Patrick and St. Agatha artist unknown 1908
James Joyce Earl Street North / O'Connell Street, D1 James Joyce Marjorie Fitzgibbon 1990
Báite (sunken or drowned) Essex Quay, D8 Báite (sunken or drowned)
(Viking Boat)
Betty Newman-Maguire 1988
Seán Russell - <i>Seán Ruiséal</i> Fairview Park, D3 Seán Russell - Seán Ruiséal Willie Malone 1951/2007
Let the Life Flow Through Finglas Road / Finglas Place, D11 Let the Life Flow Through Elizabeth McLaughlin 1996
John Field Golden Lane / Bride Street, D8 John Field artist unknown date?
Barge Horse Grand Canal at Herbert Place, D2 Barge Horse Maurice Harron 1999
Bull with Ring Grand Canal Square, D2 Bull with Ring Patrick O'Reilly 2010
Overflow Grand Canal Street / Barrow Street, D4 Overflow Linda Brunker 1997
Aspiration - Liberty Scaling the Heights Grand Canal Street Lower, D2  Aspiration - Liberty Scaling the Heights Rowan Gillespie 1995
Luke Kelly Guild Street, D1 Luke Kelly Vera Klute 2019

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