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West Texas Pioneer Family

Granville W. Carter

Lubbock /  West Texas Pioneer Family   Lubbock /  West Texas Pioneer Family


Bronze sculpture depicting a father carrying a hoe, a mother holding a Bible and a boy holding a rope. The figures symbolize the work ethic and moral values brought to the region by the early settlers who were brave enough to carve new lives out of a daunting land.




g.w. carter © 1971

Information Sign


   new frontiers have challenged men of vision in every chapter of
history, discoveries have been made . . . the world has been widened
. . . and our lives have been enriched.
   from time unrecorded . . . across a vast prairieland, populated
only by the wandering buffalo . . . tall grass grew in profusion
waving its welcome by a constant wind through sun-drenched days and
cool invigorating nights.
   coronado's expedition across this paradise of pastureland in
1540 failed to uncover the seven cities of cibola (the cities of
gold) for which he searched. little did he dream that undeveloped
wealth was here in abundance in the form of rich land, underground
irrigation water and oil. in fabulous quantities.
   the first settlers in west texas were cattle drovers, who
discovered that their cattle gained weight while crossing the prairie
on the way to shipping points in abilene, kansas and other trailheads.
later on the farmers came with their families to plow the land and to
build homes. these settlers brought culture, religion and education.
they built schools and churches and endured many hardships because
of their determination, honesty and integrity. we in west texas today
enjoy the rich heritage they left behind.
   in honor of these sturdy people american state bank has erected
a monument . . . a statue of a pioneer family . . . a landmark and
a point of pride to perpertuate their memory for years to come.

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Location (N 33°35'0" - W 101°51'17")

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