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Crazy Horse
South Dakota

Avenue of the Chiefs  

Fighting Stallions

Korczak Ziolkowski & Ruth Ziolkowski

Crazy Horse /  Fighting Stallions   Crazy Horse /  Fighting Stallions


Bronze sculpture.


Korczak sc. / 1935 ©
Ruth Ziolkowski / 1993 © 3/3

Information Sign

Fighting Stallions
© Korczak, sc.

In memory of
Jim Muehl of Rapid City
the Fighting Stallions are lighted
nightly. We express our appreciation
to his family, to Border States Electric
and to his friends for their generosity in
making this possible



Location (N 43°49'40" - W 103°37'56")

Item Code: ussd07; Photograph: 19 October 2010
Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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