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Columbus Chapel and Boal Mansion Museum  

Columbus chapel and bust


Boalsburg /  Columbus chapel and bust   Boalsburg /  Columbus chapel and bust


The most important Columbus collection on the North American continent is in the village of Boalsburg near State College, Pennsylvania, where lived the Boal family, descendants of the Columbus family.
The Columbus Chapel was originally part of the Columbus Castle in Spain. It was inherited by Mathilde DeLagarde Boal, wife of Col. Theodore Boal from her aunt, Victoria Colón, in 1908. The contents were shipped to Pennsylvania in 1909. An exterior was built to house these precious artifacts out of Pennsylvania limestone in 1912. Then, the interior was installed just as it was in Spain.

In the Boal Mansion there is a small bust of Columbus. It is a souvenir bust made for the Columbian Exposition 1892 by Bartolomeo Muzio of Genoa, Italy.

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Locatie (N 40°46'47" - W 77°47'49") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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