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Santa Fe
New Mexico

Cathedral Park

Settlers Monument

Donna Quasthoff

Santa Fe /  Settlers Monument   Santa Fe /  Settlers Monument


Statue of Mary La Conquistadora on top of a column, on the sides of this column are standing a Franciscan monk, a colonial settler family (man, woman and two children), and a Spanish soldier. The column stands on the foot with many of the fruits, vegetables, tools, music instruments etc. brought to New Mexico by the Spanish colonialists, horse heads and legs are protruding from the column. The whole supported by cattle, pig, sheep, donkey, in between poultry and a goat.

Santa Fe - Settlers Monument
Franciscan monk
Santa Fe - Settlers Monument
Colonial settler family
Santa Fe - Settlers Monument Santa Fe - Settlers Monument
Spanish soldier


donna quasthoff / 2002 / SF

Information Sign

a gift to the citizenry of santa fe and the state of new
mexico commemorating the first european settlers of
new mexico–the spanish colonists of 1598.

the year 1998 marked the 400th anniversary of the arrival in new mexico of about 560
valiant men, women and children to establish one of the earliest permanent european
settlements in the united states. their leader and first governor, don juan de oñate,
led this intrepid band north over hundreds of desolate, dangerous miles to the green
valleys of northern new mexico. it was there the colonists established themselves by
introducing european crops and the first horses, sheep, goats, cattle, donkeys and
poultry – thereby establishing european culture and technology in the united states.
where they had not previously existed.

with the settlers cam the franciscan priests and brothers who ministered to the
colonists and to the native inhabitants of the region. it was this unswerving devotion
to their faith and to their families that consoled and inspired those settlers and their
descendants to endure and prevail over 400 years of isolation, abandonment, hardship
and cultural challenges. it is to those heroic precursors that our community joins in
raising this monument to our forefathers continuing contributions to the history,
culture and values of today's america. may they serve als an inspiration to all who pass
this way.

cuarto centenario cathedral park & monument committee
socorro v. aragón, chair
ed berry, treasurer
albert j. gallegos, fundraising
ambassador frank ortiz
dr. tom chávez, historian
josé vigil
larry ogan
michele barela
pedro ribera-ortega
bernabé romero
donna quasthoff
josé antonio esquibel
dr. robert himmerich y valencia
21 june 2003


The monument was designed by Santa Fe architect Bernabe Romero for the 400th anniversary of the first European settlers.



  • Donkey
  • Family
  • Franciscan monk
  • Fruit
  • Goat
  • Mary (Conquistadora)
  • Pig
  • Pioneer
  • Quasthoff, Donna
  • Settler
  • Sheep
  • Soldier
  • Location (N 35°41'12" - W 105°56'10")

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