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Saint Paul

Minnesota State Capitol Mall
(John Ireland Boulevard)

Charles Lindbergh Memorial 'The Boy and the Man'

Charles Augustus Lindbergh
Detroit, Michigan 1902 - Kipahulu, Maui, Hawaii 1974
American aviator, author, inventor, explorer, and social activist; made the first solo flight across the Atlantic in May 1927
Paul T. Granlund

Saint Paul /  Charles Lindbergh Memorial 'The Boy and the Man'   Saint Paul /  Charles Lindbergh Memorial 'The Boy and the Man'


Bronze sculpture group depicting Lindbergh, who grew up on a farm near Little Falls, Minn., as a boy dreaming of flying and as a man seeing that dream become reality.


On the stones around the monument are various quotations from Lindbergh.
Charles A. Lindbergh
The Boy and the Man
Sculptor Paul T Granlund 1985

"I used to imagine myself with
wings on which I could swoop
down off our roof into the
valley, soaring through the air
from one river bank to another."

Charles A. Lindbergh
"The accumulation of knowledge,
the discovereries of science, the
products of technology, our ideas,
our art, our social structures, all
the achievements of mankind have
value only to the extent that they
preserve and improve the quality
of life."
Charles A. Lindbergh
"Science, freedom, beauty, adventure:
what more could you ask of life?
Aviation combined all the
elements I love."
Charles A. Lindbergh


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