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Saint Paul

Minnesota State Capitol Mall

Minnesota Korean War Memorial

Arthur H. Norby

Saint Paul /  Minnesota Korean War Memorial   Saint Paul /  Minnesota Korean War Memorial


The monument includes a curved 5½ m high monolith with a silhouette of a soldier and on the sides two 4½ m bas reliefs and is combined with an 2½ m tall cast bronze infantry man. The larger-than-life soldier is searching for his lost unit and comrades and is intended to represent the missing in action from the Korean War, officially a United Nations police action. Engraved accompanying paving stones provide a chronological account of the war and small columns list the names of the 700 Minnesotans who died during the war


[Three army seals]
South Korea
Invaded by North Korea
June 25, 1950
Cease Fire Signed
July 27, 1953
Together, We Made a Difference
dedicated september 13, 1998
94,646 Minnesotans Served
749 Killed in Action * 154 Missing in Action
1500 Wounded and 30 Prisoners of War
[Three army seals]
as you enter the memorial, the soldier, in winter clothing
is looking for his lost comrades. his expression is of a young
man grown too old too soon. the silhouette image created in the
monolith represents minnesotans who did not return from korea


© 1997 / Arthur Norby


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Location (N 44°57'8" - W 93°6'4")

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