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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have a Dream Monument

Atlanta, Georgia, 1929 - Memphis, Tennessee, 1968
American clergyman, activist, and prominent leader in the African American civil rights movement
Ed Dwight

Denver /  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. <i>I Have a Dream</i> Monument   Denver /  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. <i>I Have a Dream</i> Monument


8½-meter tall Sierra White granite and bronze memorial. The core element, constructed out of Sierra White granite, is a pedestal for an almost 3 meter tall statue of King, symbolically standing on the shoulders of influential leaders and historic figures in the Civil Rights Movement:

Rosa Parks   Sojourner Truth   Frederick Douglass   Mohandas K. 'Mahatma' Gandhi

On the pedestal are two bronze reliefs that highlight the history of African Americans – from slavery to the marches of the 1960s:

Alfred Nobel  Gospel choristers Gospel choristers

Further more, on the front of the pedestal there are reliefs of the Nobel Peace Prize (with portrait of Alfred Nobel and text "Nobel Peace Prize / 1964") and gospel choristers.

Slavery   Struggle   Justice   Living the Dream

Surrounding the central statue are standing tablets upon which are engraved timelines in civil rights history in America and quotes from King's speeches. Each tablet creates a small alcove for smaller statues representing phases in American black history.

(The texts we have not copied here, but photos are available).

Benches are placed in front of the tablets. In the stone walkways, on the north is a bronze Liberty Bell; on the south is a bronze outline of a slave ship containing figures showing how the slaves where placed below deck.

View of the monument with the bronze outline of a slave ship in the foreground


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument
January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968
"I Have A Dream"

"I Have A Dream"
Commissioned By
The People of the City & County of Denver
Wellington E. Webb
Wilma J. Webb
First Lady of Denver
whose vision and leadership brought us the Colorado Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
Denver City Council
Joyce Foster, President
Elbra Wedgeworth, President Pro-Tem
Susan Barnes-Gelt
Charles Brown
Polly Flobeck
Dennis Gallagher
T.J. "Ted" Hackworth
Allegra "Happy" Haynes
Kathleen MacKenzie
Ramona Martinez
Deborah "Debbie" Ortega
Cathy Reynolds
Edward P. "Ed" Thomas
Don Mares, Auditor
The Mayor's Commission on Art, Culture & Film
The Mayor's Office of Art, Culture & Film
The Denver Art, Culture & Film Foundation
Denver Park & Recreation

Ed Dwight, Sculptor

❧ ❧

Dedicated June 9, 2002

Information Sign

Dedicated to Every Person
Past, Present, and Future
Who Has Committed His or Her Life
To the Struggle for
Freedom, Justice, and Peace
For All
June 9, 2002


Dedicated June 2, 2002.


Sources & Information


  • Douglass, Frederick
  • Dwight, Ed
  • Gandhi, Mohandas K.
  • Justice (Justitia)
  • King, Martin Luther
  • Man and woman
  • Nobel, Alfred
  • Parks, Rosa
  • Politician/Statesman
  • Slave
  • Statue
  • Truth, Sojourner
  • Location (N 39°44'45" - W 104°57'16")

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    Item Code: usco30; Photograph: 17 October 2010
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