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Colorado Springs

S Cascade Avenue / E Pikes Peak Avenue

Pikes Peak Range Riders Memorial

Rusty Phelps

Colorado Springs /  Pikes Peak Range Riders Memorial   Colorado Springs /  Pikes Peak Range Riders Memorial


Bronze sculpture depicting a pair of Range Riders on a small rise.



Empty Saddles
These Range Riders no longer on this earth do ride,
They now follow new trails beyond the Great Divide,
where the water's sweeter and the grass grows higher,
and the way is so easy that man or mount never tire.

The Range Riders * Bronze by Rusty Phelps


Rusty Phelps / © 1988

Information Sign

This bronze statue dedicated on July 23rd 1988 is a gift from the Pikes Peak Range Riders
To the people of the region in appreciation for their unfailing support over the past years.

The Pikes Peak Range Riders organization was founded in 1949 by Kenneth D. Brookhart on the mule
and Everett R. Conover on the horse to promote the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo and to honor and perpetuate
our western heritage and spirit each summer. This dedicated group of horsemen make an annual trail ride over five days to
focus attention on our western tradition. They work individually and collectively the rest of the year to preserve it.

Then and Now

Those early trailblazers while passing this way, liked the country they saw and decided to stay, with abiding faith in God
and their great toil they put down strong roots in this fertile soil. As fruitful labor filled their each great need, their society
took the golden rule as it's creed, molding the rich heritage we've come to expect of freedom and liberty they battled
to protect. Once again those same first trails we ride to feel the spirit of the legacy they did guide as we travel across
mountain, valley and stream to see what they saw and live their bright dream.     Ken Ochs


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Location (N 38°50'1" - W 104°49'30")

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