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Komárno - Komárom
Nitriansky kraj

Palatinova ulica - Nádor utca 14

Gróf Esterházy János

Count János Esterházy

(Veľké Zálužie 1901 - Mírov 1957)
the most prominent ethnic Hungarian politician in the former Czechoslovakia
Nagy János

Komárno - Komárom /  Gróf Esterházy János   Komárno - Komárom /  Gróf Esterházy János


Red granite commemorative plaque with a relief portrait of Esterházy in prison, behind barbed wire, and at the bottom his signature behind the number 7832.


Gróf Esterházy János mártír politikus emlékére.

Na pamiatku politického martýra, grófa Jánosa Esterházyho.

In memory of the martyred politician, Count János Esterházy.


Unveiled 17 November 2011.

Komárno - Komárom / Gróf Esterházy János


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Location (N 47°45'28" - E 18°7'32")

Item Code: skni016; Photograph: 5 September 2012
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