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Kráľovná Mária Terézia

Queen Maria Theresa

Wien 1717 - Wien 1780
Consort of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I, Archduchess of Austria, Queen of Hungary and Croatia, etc.
János Fadrusz & Martina Zimanová

Bratislava /  Kráľovná Mária Terézia   Bratislava /  Kráľovná Mária Terézia


Marble equestrian statue of Maria Theresia is a reconstruction by Martin Zimanová of the 1897 Fadrusz sculpture, which was destroyed in 1921.

The statue was no longer on that location in 2014 (Google streetview).


Translation by Google of the text on the site Podporujeme projekt obnovy súsošia Márie Terézie v Bratislave:

On 16 May 1897, was the former coronation mound Square attended by prominent guests, among whom was the Emperor Franz Joseph I., revealed a monumental statue of the Habsburg Empress Maria Theresa. Its author was John Fadrusz, a native of Bratislava, which in its time was one of the most important sculptor in Hungary. 6.65 meter high sculpture was carved from the finest white marble from Carrara and his Austrian base of gray granite was the height 4.35 meters. The sculpture was also perceived as a crowning monument should refer to the former coronation hill that stood here until 1870. Monument portraying the young monarch on horseback accompanied by two Hungarian nobles. Referred to the scene of the incident in 1741, when the Hungarian nobility supported in Bratislava young successor to the Hungarian throne cry "vitam et sanguinem (life and blood)" in the fight against foreign enemies, who did not recognize her succession to the pragmatic sanction. In the battle of the Habsburg heritage fought against the Prussians and Bavarians hussar units thousand squires many of whom were from Slovakia and Slovak origin.

Bratislava - Kráľovná Mária Terézia
The original statue
Bratislava - Kráľovná Mária Terézia
The new statue
The sculpture has become a prime statue Bratislava, a kind of icon of the city, which has appeared on dozens of postcards and historic photographs. Even after the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic remained in place, and also appeared on postcards addressed to the Czech and Slovak recipients.

In 1921, however, there has been an effort to restore the monarchy in Hungary last arrival of Emperor Charles I in Budapest. The day after the partial mobilization of the Czechoslovak forces the inhabitants of Bratislava, who were in favor of the Czecho-Slovak orientation and especially present Czechoslovak legionaries and falcons mostly of Czech origin when expressed their determination to prevent young Republic, the right spontaneous breaking sculpture of Maria Theresa as a symbol of the Habsburgs. Until now there are Bratislavans, who recall how their family members or acquaintances who were at the demolition of this beautiful statue wept.

Although the square in time and were replaced by statues of Stefanik and Stur and changed its name several times, Bratislava did not forget the original monument. Ideas to restore it appeared soon after the fall of the totalitarian regime. During Mayor Joseph Moravcik seriously considered for the restoration of the monument, but the project was not implemented due to lack of funds.

At present, the idea was taken over by the Bratislava Beautification Association, which took its name from the original 1868 club. After more than a year of work on this project presented the third part of the public model Maria Theresa on horseback, created by the Slovak professional sculptress Martina Zimanová. The Bratislava Beautification Association developed a public discussion on the return of the monument in Bratislava. During a month was collected more than 5,000 signatures for a petition to restore the original character of today's Stur square, thus stocking copies of the sculpture of Maria Theresa, creating small park in the area and rename the Coronation Square.

The statue of Stur, which our society considers as one of the most important national personalities, should be moved to a place that would correspond to his importance, and which stylistically match with this modern work of sculptor Tibor Bártfay of 1973.


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Locatie (N 48°8'23" - E 17°6'37") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: skbr039; Photograph: 5 September 2012
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