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Bratislavský kraj

Nábrežie arm. gen. L. Svobodu

Mýtická Loď

Mythical Ship

Jaroslav Róna
Miloš Vacek

Bratislava /  Mýtická Loď   Bratislava /  Mýtická Loď


Bronze sculpture of a boat with a dog, a woman with helmet and a gondolier.


autor jaroslav róna

odliala dielňa miloša vacka
dielo vzniklo vďaka iniciatíve a finančnej
podpore spoločnosti j & t real estate, a.s.

Mythical Ship 2010
by Jaroslav Róna

casted in the workshop of Miloš Vacek
work was created thanks to the initiative and financial
support from J & T Real Estate, Inc.


The sculpture is a symbolic tribute to the river and the city. The figures in the boat are also symbolic. The man in the back steers the ship in dangerous currents, the woman is precious cargo, a noble and beautiful queen - the mother who carries the germ of a new life, hope and the future. The third figure is a dog - the eternal companion and protector of man, he can predict danger and warn him in time. It's a life boat. For the ship and crew, the sculptor chose a simplified monumental shape based on Egyptian and Assyrian reliefs, using silhouette as the main means of expression.


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Locatie (N 48°8'26" - E 17°5'30") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: skbr023; Photograph: 5 September 2012
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