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Bratislavský kraj

Hlavné Námestie

Napoleonský vojak

Napoleon's Soldier

Juraj Meliš

Bratislava /  Napoleonský vojak   Bratislava /  Napoleonský vojak


Bronze statue of a Napoleonic sniper soldier of 1809 leaning on a bench.


The Napoleonic army entered the city twice. The first time they entered the city, it was in December 1805 when 300 riders and 9000 infantry soldiers marched in the streets. The armistice was signed in the Primate's Palace after the battle of Austerlitz. After that, Napoleon himself entered the city.

Strange statues in Bratislava

After the political change they tried to revive the city not only by cleaning and repainting the rather cheerless buildings, but it by creating some strange statues, which are very popular among the tourists and give the town an additional surprising flair. The most famous of these are:
  1. Čumil the Peeper by Viktor Hulík, 1997.
  2. Paparazzi by Radko Mačuha.
  3. Schöner Náci by Juraj Meliš, 1997.
  4. Napoleon's Soldier by Juraj Meliš, 1997.
Čumil, Schöner Náci and the Soldier were unveiled on 26 June 1997 at the occasion of the opening of the pedestrian zone of the old town center.


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Location (N 48°8'36" - E 17°6'29")

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Item Code: skbr011; Photograph: 5 September 2012
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