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Gregorčičeva ulica
(Prešernov gaj)

Janez Puhar

Johann Pucher

Kranj 1814 - Kranj 1864
Slovenian priest, scientist, photographer, artist, and poet who invented an unusual process for making photographs on glass
artist unknown
1914 (2014)

Kranj /  Janez Puhar   Kranj /  Janez Puhar


Stone memorial plaque at the colonnade with a bronze relief medaillon, with text JANES PUHAR 1814-1864.
The sign at the Grove says that the work was created after the idea of graphic designer and Puhar's relative Jernej Kejžar in 2014.


ob 50. obletnici
janezu puharju
foto klub kranj

at the 50th anniversary
of the inventor
of photography
Janez Puhar
Photo Club Kranj


HK ?

Kranj - Janez Puhar

Prešernov gaj - Prešeren's Grove

After the cemetery alongside the parish church of St. Cantianus was abandoned at the end of the 18th century, a new cemetery was built in the site of what is today Prešeren's Grove. In 1939 it was also abandoned. In 1951, the architect Marjan Šorli designed the western side entrance and an open colonnade situaded in the centre of the grove, on the site of the Saint Cross Chapel which had been demolished. The abandoned cemetery layout was rearranged and the cemetery named after the greatest Slovenian poet Dr France Prešeren who is buried here. The majoritiy of tombstones and mortal remains were transferred to the new town cemetery. Historically significant sculptures have been preserved in Prešeren's Grove.


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Location (N 46°14'41" - E 14°21'28")

Item Code: si135; Photograph: 11 September 2016
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