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Znamenje svete Trojice

Trinity Column

Attributed to
Francesco Robba

Ljubljana /  Znamenje svete Trojice   Ljubljana /  Znamenje svete Trojice


Plague column of 1693 with a stone sculpture, made in 1722, of God the Father and Jesus, with before them a kneeling Mary, and above them the Holy Ghost in the form of a (metal) dove.
In 1927 the column is moved to this place.


TrIaDIs sanCtæ
VIrgInIsqVe pIæ In honoreM
CIVes ConstrVXerVnt

VIrtVs honor et gLorIa soLI VnI
aC trIno oMnIpotenti Deo
CVI se faMILIa AVerspergIana
totaLIter sVbDIt et prosternIt
InsIgne hoC pIetatIs opVs
perpetVæ VeneratIonis [!] CaVsa
eXtans pVbLICo obtVLIt CVLtVI
ConstantIa AVerspergIana nata

Ter sanCte DeVs et sanCtIssIMæ
VIrgo retrIbVIte posterItatI

ConstrVCta haeC TrInItatIs
statVa trIgInta IntegrIs annIs
stetIt eX LIgno nVnC eX LapIDe
stabIt aeternItatI

Vsted potresa
močno poškodovano je bilo to znamenje
s prispevki c kr dezelne vlade in mestne
občine ljubljanske popravljeno
in v prejšnji stan postavljeno

Civilians built this
in honor of the Holy Trinity
and the Virgin

Strength, honor and glory to the one
and three almighty God
and family Auersperg
totally present and adds
this honorable duty
as an eternal veneration
extans public worship offered
by Constantia Auersperg born

Please correct!

Holy Trinity and Holy
Virgin pay for posterity

This Statue of the
Trinity was made thirty years
ago from wood, now from stone
to stay for eternity

The earthquake of
severely damaged the column
In 1898
with contributions of the provincial government
and the City Municipality of Ljubljana reconstructed
and the previous status restored

Chronogram 1833

Three chronograms:
Lines 1+2 = 1720 or 1721
Lines 3+4 = 1722
Lines 5-9 = 1723 or 1724
In the first and last line the T,
and in the 3rd and 10th line the A,
are incorrectly large.
In the 2nd and 6th line a 'I' is small

Two chronograms:
Lines 1+2 = 1721
Lines 3-7 = 1722
In the 1st and 3rd line the T,
and in the 3rd line the E are incorrectly large

Marian, Holy Trinity and Plague Columns (Mariensäule, Dreifaltigkeitssäule, Pestsäule)

Marian and Holy Trinity columns are religious monuments with a statue of Saint Mary or a depiction of the Holy Trinity on top of a column. Around the base of the column are usually various saints. Marian columns were built to thank the Virgin Mary for intervention to quell the pestilence and other scourges. The first of those was erecrted in Vienna in 1667 (Mariensäule) and the second in 1679 also in Vienna at the Graben, the Pestsäule.
The purpose of the Holy Trinity columns was usually simply to celebrate the church and the faith, although the plague motif could play a role.
Erecting religious monuments in the form of a column surmounted by a figure or a Christian symbol was a gesture of public faith that flourished in the Catholic countries of Europe especially in the 17th and 18th centuries (Wikipedia)


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Locatie (N 46°2'59" - E 14°30'9") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: si115; Photograph: 10 September 2016
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