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Herkulov vodnjak

Hercules Fountain

Heracles (Ἡρακλῆς), Latin: Hercules
divine hero in Greek mythology, son of Zeus and Alcmene
Johannes Komersteiner & Julijan Renko
1675 (1991)

Ljubljana /  Herkulov vodnjak   Ljubljana /  Herkulov vodnjak


Stone statue of Hercules slaying a lion on a column in a fountain basin.

The fountain formerly stood in front of the Jesuit gymnasium on Levstikov trg. In 1660, a temporary wooden statuette by Tolmesinger was added to it, which was replaced in 1675 by the stalue of the Greek hero Hercules by Komersteiner. The statue, together with the renaissance fountain, was in 1775 moved to the park of Eberg's mansion in Dol. This original is now in the entrance hall of the Magistrat. In 1991 a copy was made by the architect, Marko Mušič, the sculptor Julijan Renko and the stone Boris Udovič and placed on Gornji trg.


v juniju
je mestni vodovod
ob svoji stoletnici ponovno postavil
herkulov vodnjak
za arhitektom francescom olivierijem, 1638
kiparjema gasperjem tolmesingerjem, 1660
in janezom kumerstainerjem, 1675
so novo zasnovo izdelali:
marko mušič
julijan renko
boris udovč
mojster kamnosek

In June
the city water supply
on its centenary reconstructed
the Hercules fountain
from the architect Francesco Olivier, 1638
and sculptors Gasper Tolmesinger, 1660
and Johannes Komersteiner, 1675
Creators of the new design
Marko Mušič
Julijan Renko
Boris Udovč
master mason

Dan se za dnevom vrsti,
            za leti vrstijo se let,
voda pa v loku ves čas
          iskro z vodnjaka curlja
Spomni se kdor mimo greš
          kot voda odteka ſivljenje,
dokler je čas, ga v dlani
                hlastno zajemaj in pij!

janez menart

Day to day line,
            for years they lined the years,
water in an arc of continuously
          a spark from the fountain trickles
Remember anyone go past
        as the water flows of life,
until the time it in hands
            hastily capture and drink!

Janez Menart

(Translation by Google, better one needed)


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Locatie (N 46°2'48" - E 14°30'24") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: si108; Photograph: 10 September 2016
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