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Ljubljanska vrata v ljubljanski stolnici

Ljubljana Door of the Ljubljana Cathedral

Mirsad Begić
Borut Kamšek (founder)

Ljubljana /  Ljubljanska vrata v ljubljanski stolnici   Ljubljana /  Ljubljanska vrata v ljubljanski stolnici


Bronze door of the Cathedral at the south side.

Text from the leaflet available in the church:

The door reveals the history of the Archdiocese of Ljubljana in the 20th century representing the bishops of that period. All the bishops with their pastoral staffs draw strength from Christ, who lies dead at their feet. In the left corner, above them a phoenix, the bird of immortality. At Christ's feet there is an amphora with water that symbolizes entering a sacred place and invites us to cleanse ourselves. The water from the amphora, on which there is another phoenix, also sustains the surrounding skulls and speaks about immortality.

The first of the bishops is Stanislav Lenič who was convicted and incarcerated during the communist regime, he sent two years in solitary confinement. Next to him is Archbishop Alojzij Šuštar, who contributed to democratization and independence of Slovenia. At his side is Jožef Pogačnik, the first Slovenian Metropolitan Archbishop. Next to him is exiled bishop Gregorij Rožman, At his side is Archbishop Anton Vovk, who was set on fire by the communists after the war. Above all of them is Anton Bonaventura Jeglič who crucially formed Slovenian national consciousness. Above the bishops reign the image of Mary, Help of Christians from Brezje, and over all of these the artists depicts in a special niche the Holy Trinity, the central mystery of Christianity.

Ljubljana - Ljubljanska vrata v ljubljanski stolnici

The Holy Trinity

Ljubljana - Ljubljanska vrata v ljubljanski stolnici

Phoenix and Mary Help of Christians

Ljubljana - Ljubljanska vrata v ljubljanski stolnici

Stanislav Lenič
Alojzij Šuštar
Jožef Pogačnik

Ljubljana - Ljubljanska vrata v ljubljanski stolnici

Gregorij Rožman
Anton Vovk
Anton Bonaventura Jeglič

Ljubljana - Ljubljanska vrata v ljubljanski stolnici

The Body of Christ

Ljubljana - Ljubljanska vrata v ljubljanski stolnici

Amphora and phoenix

The Bishops

  1. Stanislav Lenič (Župeča vas 1911 - Ljubljana 1991), auxiliary bishop 1967-1988
  2. Alojzij Šuštar (Grmada nad Trebnjem 1920 - Ljubljana 2007), archbishop 1980-1997 (Wikipedia).
  3. Jožef Pogačnik (Kovor nad Tržičem 1902 - Ljubljana 1980), bishop 1964-1980 (Wikipedia).
  4. Gregorij Rožman (Dolintschitschach, Austria-Hungary 1883 - Cleveland, Ohio, 1959), bishop 1930-1959 (Wikipedia).
  5. Anton Vovk (Vrba 1900 - Ljubljana 1963), auxiliary bishop of Ljubljana since 1946, bishop since 1959, and archishop 1961 (Wikipedia).
  6. Anton Bonaventura Jeglič (Begunje na Gorenjskem 1850 - Stična 1937), bishop 1898-1930 (Wikipedia).


Sources & Information


  • Bishop
  • Bronze door
  • Christ
  • Jeglič, Anton Bonaventura
  • Kamšek (founder), Borut
  • Lenič, Stanislav
  • Mary with Child
  • Phoenix
  • Pogačnik, Jožef
  • Rožman, Gregorij
  • Šuštar, Alojzij
  • Vovk, Anton
  • Location (N 46°3'2" - E 14°30'29")

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