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Novo mesto
Jugovzhodna Slovenija

Kapiteljska ulica
(Kapiteljska Cerkev Sv. Nikolaja)

Sveta Vrata

Holy Door

Mirsad Begić

Novo mesto /  Sveta Vrata   Novo mesto /  Sveta Vrata


Oak door covered with a bronze relief depicting the Christian history of Novo Mesto. The door was inaugurated in 13 December 2015 by the bishop of Novo mesto.

Novo mesto - Sveti vrata
Novo mesto - Sveti vrata

Coat of arms of the diocese of Novo Mesto

Rudolf IV, Duke of Austria
Wien 1339 - Milano 1365
scion of the House of Habsburg and Duke (self-proclaimed Archduke) of Austria and Duke of Styria and Carinthia from 1358, as well as Count of Tyrol from 1363 and first Duke of Carniola from 1364 until his death. Founder of the city of Novo mesto (German name: Rudolfswerth) (Wikipedia).

The three blessed persons of the Dolenjska region
Novo mesto - Sveti vrata
Novo mesto - Sveti vrata

Blessed Aloysius (Lojze) Grozde
Zgornje Vodale 1923 - Mirna 1943
Slovenian student who was murdered by partisans during World War II. His death is recognised as martyrdom by the Catholic Church. He was beatified on 13 June 2010 (Wikipedia).

The Blessed Martyrs of Drina are the professed Sisters of the Congregation of the Daughters of Divine Charity, who lost their lives during World War II. Four were killed when they jumped out of a window in Goražde on 15 December 1941, reportedly to avoid being raped by Chetniks, and the last was killed by the Chetniks in Sjetlina the following week. The five nuns were later declared martyrs and beatified by Cardinal Angelo Amato on 24 September 2011. Depicted are the two Slovenian nuns, Marija Krizina Bojanc (Zbure 1885 - Goražde 1941; Wikipedia) and Marija Antonija Fabjan (Malo Lipje 1907 - Goražde 1941; Wikipedia). (Wikipedia).


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  • Bojanc, Marija Krizina
  • Bronze door
  • Coat of arms
  • Fabjan, Marija Antonija
  • Grozde, Lojze
  • Monarch
  • Nun
  • Rudolf IV (Duke of Austria)
  • Student
  • Locatie (N 45°48'12" - E 15°10'0") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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