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Novo mesto
Jugovzhodna Slovenija

Rozmanova ulica


The Hostage

Jakob Savinšek

Novo mesto /  Talec   Novo mesto /  Talec


Bronze sculpture of a kneeling man with bound hands. The sculpture depicts a hostage, collapsed under the enemy's shots while the prisoners were led from the court to concentration camps and prisons.

Novo mesto - Talec

Spomeniški kompleks Na vratih
Monumental site at the Gate

Architect: Marjan Mušič; Sculptors: Jakob Savinšek and Janez Pirnat.

Monumental site, commemorating the citizens of Novo mesto and the national heroes of Dolenjska, died in World War II, situated at the crossroads between the Rozmanova street and the Prešeren Square, on the spot of the former Ljubljana Gate. The site was built in 1953.
  1. Loggia with a monument to the fallen in World War II and busts of national heroes.
  2. Hostage monument.
  3. Monument "Conception song, brothers of Freedom.


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Locatie (N 45°48'17" - E 15°9'59") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: si034; Photograph: 9 September 2016
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