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Kužno znamenje ali Marijin steber

Plague or Marian Column

Josef Straub

Maribor /  Kužno znamenje <i>ali</i> Marijin steber   Maribor /  Kužno znamenje <i>ali</i> Marijin steber


Column (8 m high) with a gilded statue of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, standing on a snake. The column stands on a square base with a relief of Saint Rosalie, and a shield with text, and on the back a text on the restauration:

sIne Labe
ConCeptæ VIrgInIs
eX Voto
apIIs CIVItatIs
hæC statVa

Chronogram, first line missing

VIator DIC saeCVLIs VentVrIs
e Voto et CarItate
hIC renoVata sVM

Chronogram for 1991
The column is flanked by six statues of saints (originally eight, the statues of St. John the Baptist and St. John of Nepomuk are lost; the six statues are replaced by copies, the originals are in the museum).

Maribor - Kužno znamenje <i>ali</i> Marijin steber

Sv. Frančišek Asiški
St. Francis of Assisi

Maribor - Kužno znamenje <i>ali</i> Marijin steber

Sv. Sebastijan
St. Sebastian

Maribor - Kužno znamenje <i>ali</i> Marijin steber

Sv. Donat
St. Donatus

Maribor - Kužno znamenje <i>ali</i> Marijin steber

Marija Brezmadežno
St. Mary Immaculate

Maribor - Kužno znamenje <i>ali</i> Marijin steber

Sv. Rozalija - St. Rosalie

Maribor - Kužno znamenje <i>ali</i> Marijin steber

Sv. Anton Padovanski
St. Anthony of Padua

Maribor - Kužno znamenje <i>ali</i> Marijin steber

Sv. Rok
St. Roch

Maribor - Kužno znamenje <i>ali</i> Marijin steber

Sv. Frančišek Ksaver
St. Francis Xavier

  1. Saint Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ (Wikipedia).
  2. St. Rosalia (1130-1166), also called La Santuzza or "The Little Saint", revered as a protector against infectious diseases (Wikipedia).
  3. St. Francis of Assisi born Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone (1181/82 - 1226), an Italian friar and preacher. He founded among others the Franciscan Order. Saint Francis is one of the most venerated religious figures in history (Wikipedia).
  4. St. Sebastian (died c. 288), martyr, killed during the Roman emperor Diocletian's persecution of Christians (Wikipedia).
  5. St. Donatus of Münstereifel (c. 140 - before 180), 2nd century Roman soldier and martyr (Wikipedia).
  6. St. Anthony of Padua born Fernando Martins de Bulhões, (Lisbon c. 1195 - Padua 1231), priest and friar of the Franciscan Order, known for his preaching and expert knowledge of scripture (Wikipedia).
  7. St. Roch (14th century), saint from Montpellier, he is specially invoked against the plague. (Wikipedia).
  8. St. Francis Xavier (Javier, Navarra 1506 - São João Island, China, 1552), pioneering Roman Catholic missionary, co-founder of the Society of Jesus (Wikipedia).


Maribor - Kužno znamenje <i>ali</i> Marijin steber

Marian, Holy Trinity and Plague Columns (Mariensäule, Dreifaltigkeitssäule, Pestsäule)

Marian and Holy Trinity columns are religious monuments with a statue of Saint Mary or a depiction of the Holy Trinity on top of a column. Around the base of the column are usually various saints. Marian columns were built to thank the Virgin Mary for intervention to quell the pestilence and other scourges. The first of those was erecrted in Vienna in 1667 (Mariensäule) and the second in 1679 also in Vienna at the Graben, the Pestsäule.
The purpose of the Holy Trinity columns was usually simply to celebrate the church and the faith, although the plague motif could play a role.
Erecting religious monuments in the form of a column surmounted by a figure or a Christian symbol was a gesture of public faith that flourished in the Catholic countries of Europe especially in the 17th and 18th centuries (Wikipedia)

Sources & Information


  • Donatus of Münstereifel, St.
  • Francis Xavier, St.
  • Francis of Assisi, St.
  • Marian Column
  • Mary (Immaculate Conception), St.
  • Plague Column
  • Roch, St.
  • Rosalia, St.
  • Sebastian, St.
  • Straub, Josef
  • Location (N 46°33'27" - E 15°38'43")

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    Item Code: si015; Photograph: 7 September 2016
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