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Slomškov trg

Kipi na pošti

Sculptures at the Post Office

artist unknown
19th century

Maribor /  Kipi na pošti   Maribor /  Kipi na pošti


There are several sculptures on the Post office (Pošta Slovenija) of Maribor.

On the avant-corps on Slomškov trg are two allegorical statues on the balustrade of the first floor:

Maribor - Kipi na pošti
Maribor - Kipi na pošti

  1. Telegraph, a man with a scroll in his hand, and a telegraph pole and an eagle at his feet.
  2. Postal Service, a woman with some letters in her left hand and a caduceus in her right hand.
Above each of the three arches on the ground flour are allegorical reliefs of women, each holding an object of the post and telegraph service up:

Maribor - Kipi na pošti
4 Telegraph pole and letter

Maribor - Kipi na pošti
5 Horn and letters,

Maribor - Kipi na pošti
6 Two different telephones.

On the top of the façade facing Pošta ulica are two statues: a young postman with bag and letter and a boy blowing a horn. The latter is partly visible from Lekarniška ulica. The same two statues are on the post office in Ljubljana, but there it was completely impossible to make photos.

Maribor - Kipi na pošti Maribor - Kipi na pošti



Location (N 46°33'31" - E 15°38'39")

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Item Code: si014; Photograph: 7 September 2016
Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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