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91:an Karlsson

Nils Egerbrandt

Halmstad /  91:an Karlsson   Halmstad /  91:an Karlsson


Bronze sculpture of a soldier.


Egerbrandt 92



91:an (Eng: № 91) is a popular Swedish comic strip, first created in 1932 with the title En beväringsmans upplevelser och äventyr. Roughly translated: A military man's experiences and adventures. Soon changed to 91:an Karlsson, by Rudolf Petersson. It is now published in its own bi-weekly comic book, 91:an, and also as a single strip in the popular weekly women's magazine Året Runt. The principal character in the strip is Mandel Karlsson, a young man (aged perhaps 20 or 21) doing conscript military service in the Swedish Army, based at the fictional Klackamo Regiment. His number is "91", thus he is widely known in Sweden as "91:an Karlsson".

Several of the officers are based on real people Rudolf Petersson met during his national service at I 16, in Halmstad, Halland, during 1916-1918. The premises of Klackamo Regiment, and the small town hosting it, Klackamo, are assumed to also be loosely based on the real regiment I 16, plus a quaint depiction of small-town and rural Sweden loosely based on places in Halland.

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Location (N 56°40'36" - E 12°51'33")

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Item Code: se079; Photograph: 22 July 2009
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