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En skulpturgrupp i sex delar (A sculpture group in six parts)
Mats Åberg

Västerås /  Våga   Västerås /  Våga


Bronze sculpture of a horse in six stages.


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  • Konst i Västerås:

    We hesitate before difficult decisions we must take. The risks are big; we know what we have but not what we go to is met. We used to vat off and an on the safe beach but will over to the other unknown side. Can we even take us over there? The river perhaps is for broad, for rapid and what waits ourselves there?

    You see same horse in several sekvenser as a series drawing. First sniffs the horse careful on the water. Strides down, hesitates and throws itself since out in the river. At a certain while, we see it meager. It sammanblandas with the balances, holds up the head and takes itself with toil over to the other side where it strides up.

    We leave, it sacrifices välbekanta and throws us out in the unknown, labels, hopefully, that we can more than we believed. When we come over to the other side snorts we happy and jars of ourselves the water. We might in all cases modet to change and grows in self-confidence. Whether we found the reply or the success is another thing. This skulpturen does not act about it, without about taking a stage in the life; alone intend and to choose road. This train of thought can be summarized in a word; Dare. It is that word as given skulpturen its names and formulation. The children can, before they even begins to speculate in these chutes, horses the used that one lekskulptur. Pat and to ride on them. Time's enough must they dare.


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    Location (N 59°36'25" - E 16°32'45")

    Item Code: se036; Photograph: 21 July 2009
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