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Moscow - Москва

Gogolevskiy bul'var
Гоголевский бульвар

Михаил Александрович Шолохов

Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov

"Where do the horses sail"

Veshenskaya 1905 - Veshenskaya 1984
Soviet Russian novelist and winner of the 1965 Nobel Prize in Literature

Iulian Rukavishnikov & Aleksandr Rukavishnikov

Moscow - Москва /  Михаил Александрович Шолохов   Moscow - Москва /  Михаил Александрович Шолохов


Bronze sculpture group showing Sholokhov in a rowing boat among the sea of horses' heads. On the other side of the foot path is a bronze bench and are several bronze pages of a manuscript in the pavement.


To Mikhail Sholokhov

[с]кульпторы александр иулиан и филипп рукавишниковы
[?]архитекоры игорь и антон воскресенские

(sculptors: Aleksander, Iulian and Philipp Rukavishnikov
architects: Igor' and Anton Voskresenkiy)


The monument's designer Alexander Rukovoshnikov explained the idea he had intended to transmit with this monument:
Sholokhov sits in a boat and sees the surface of an imaginary river. The horses seem to surround the boat, but actually they are swimming in different directions. The horses are allusions of ‘red' [pro-Communist] and ‘white' [pro-Tsar] armies of the Civil War (1917-1921). The opposing directions in which horses are swimming are supposed to symbolize the civil confrontation of ‘red' and ‘white' supports. The Civil War was and how it broke the society and even families was a prominent theme in Sholokhov's writing.

Sholokhov used to live in this neighborhood, on the Sivtsev Vrazhek pereulok - Сивцев Вражек переулок.


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  • Rukavishnikov, Iulian
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  • Sholokhov, Mikhail Aleksandrovich
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  • Location (N 55°44'48" - E 37°35'58")

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