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(Fr. de Santa Maria Maior)
Madeira (ilha)

Reg. Aut. da Madeira

Largo do Corpo Santo

João Carlos Nunes Abreu

(Funchal 1935 -)
Regional Secretary of Tourism and Cuilture of teh Autonomous Region of Madeira (Biography).
Ricardo Velosa

Funchal /  João Carlos Nunes Abreu   Funchal /  João Carlos Nunes Abreu


Bronze portrait medaillon with a text above.


joão carlos abreu
defensor da zona
velha da cidade
pelo povo


From the city website:

A bronze medallion sculptured by Ricardo Velosa, is a homage from the local population to the present Secretário Regional do Turismo e Cultura (Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture), recognizing his dedication to value and recover the Historical Nucleus of Santa Maria. Ricardo Velosa has been supporting the preservation of the area for quite some time, and he initiated the process that got the area classified, which allows it to be legally protected. A politician, a journalist and a writer, he has been honoured with several regional, national and international honours.

In 2004 he funded the cultural centre "Universo de Memórias" where he gathered a valuable artistic collection (library, painting, jewellery and other artistic objects).


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Location (N 32°38'51" - W 16°54'1")

Item Code: ptma010; Photograph: 6 January 2014
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