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69 Homens de Bessines

69 Men of Bessines

Fabrice Hybert

Lisboa /  69 Homens de Bessines   Lisboa /  69 Homens de Bessines


In rectangular water basin there are 69 male figures in raisin and stainless steel, painted green. From 10 holes scattered through their bodies - eyes, nose, mouth, ears, nipples, penis and anus - they project splashes of water that strike their closest companions. The effect creates a constant bubbling noise of water and permanently vibrates its surface. (the water was switched off when we were there!).

A group of six of these green men stands since 1991 in the small village of Bessines, Dept. Deux-Sèvres, France.

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Fabrice Hybert
França, 1961

69 Homens de Bessines

Resina e aço inoxidável


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Location (N 38°46'48" - W 9°5'39")

Item Code: ptli106; Photograph: 1 September 2017
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