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Campo dos Mártires da Pátria

José Thomás de Sousa Martins

Vila Franca de Xira 1843 - Vila Franca de Xira 1897
Portuguese doctor renowned for his work amongst the poor in Lisbon. After his death, a secular cult has arisen around him in which he is thanked for "miraculous" cures.
António da Costa Motta (tio)

Lisboa /  José Thomás de Sousa Martins   Lisboa /  José Thomás de Sousa Martins


Bronze statue of doctor Martins in teacher's robe on a high pedestal. On the foot of the pedestal sits a female figure with a book, according to some representing Science and to others Scholarly Youth.

Lisboa - José Thomás de Sousa Martins

The foot of the statue is surrounded by ex-votos (plaques) giving thanks to him for unexpected cures, some calling him 'Brother', candles burn all around it and flowers are placed there. His veneration was never recognized by the Catholic Church but it remains even today.

Lisboa - José Thomás de Sousa Martins Lisboa - José Thomás de Sousa Martins


jose thomaz de sousa martins

nasceu a 7 de março

morreu a 18 de agosto

subscripção publica

Lisboa - José Thomás de Sousa Martins


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Location (N 38°43'14" - W 9°8'24")

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