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Alameda Pedro Álvares Cabral

Monumento aos 400 anos do Descobrimento do Brasil

Monument for the 4th Centennial of the Discovery of Brazil

Sculpture group showing Pedro Álvares Cabral, the discoverer of Brazil, 1500, Frei Henrique de Coimbra, chaplain and celebrant of the first mass in Brazil, and Pêro Vaz de Caminha, chronicler of the fleet.
Rodolfo Bernardelli

Lisboa /  Monumento aos 400 anos do Descobrimento do Brasil   Lisboa /  Monumento aos 400 anos do Descobrimento do Brasil


Bronze statue showing three persons. At the front Pedro Álvares Cabral, half kneeling and holding a large Portuguese flag. Behind him is Pero Vaz de Caminha raising his right hand and holding a scroll in his left, and frei Henrique de Coimbra with a crucifix.

Lisboa - Monumento aos 400 anos do Descobrimento do Brasil
Lisboa - Monumento aos 400 anos do Descobrimento do Brasil
Lisboa - Monumento aos 400 anos do Descobrimento do Brasil

  1. Pedro Álvares Cabral (Belmonte c. 1467/68 - Santarém c. 1520), Portuguese nobleman, military commander, navigator and explorer regarded as the discoverer of Brazil (Wikipedia).
  2. Pêro Vaz de Caminha (c. 1450 - Calicut 1500), Portuguese knight that accompanied Cabral to India in 1500, as a secretary to the royal factory. Caminha wrote the detailed official report of the April 1500 discovery of Brazil by Cabral's fleet (Wikipedia).
  3. Frei Henrique de Coimbra, O.F.M. (Coimbra c. 1465 - Olivença 1532), Franciscan missionary in India, Africa and Brazil (Wikipedia).

The statue is a copy of the 1900 statue in Rio de Janeiro, and was a gift of the Brazil to Portugal in 1940.



a portugal,
nos centenarios da fundação
e da restauração,
o brasil


goza de tanto bem, terra bemoita,
e da cruz do senhor teu nome seja


qual a palmeira que domina ufana
os altos topos da floresta espessa
tal bem presto ha-de ser no mundo novo
' o brasil bem fadado.

josé bonifacio

a terra… em tal maneira é graciosa,
que querendo-a aproveitar
dar-se-á nella tudo.

pero vaz de caminha


to Portugal,
In the centennial of the foundation
and restoration,


enjoys so much good, blessed land,
and of the cross of the Lord thy name be


What is the palm that dominates Ufana?
the high tops of thick forest
it is very soon to be in the new world.
Brazil is well-doted

José Bonifacio

The earth… in such a way is graceful,
wanting to enjoy it
it will be done in everything.

Pero Vaz de Caminha

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Sources & Information


  • Country: Portugal
  • Bernardelli, Rodolfo
  • Cabral, Pedro Álvares
  • Chronicler
  • Coimbra, Henrique de
  • Explorer
  • Priest
  • Statue (man)
  • Vaz de Caminha, Pêro
  • Locatie (N 38°42'56" - W 9°9'31") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: ptli067; Photograph: 30 August 2017
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