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Lisboa (distrito)

Lisboa (região)

Praça do Comércio

Dom José I de Portugal

King Joseph I of Portugal

Lisboa 1714 - Sintra 1777
King of Portugal and the Algarves, 1750-1777
Joaquim Machado de Castro & Eugénio dos Santos
Bartolomeu da Costa (Lisboa)

Lisboa /  Dom José I de Portugal   Lisboa /  Dom José I de Portugal


14 m high monument consisting of a bronze equestrian statue on a large richly decorated, lime stone pedestal.
The statue is the first cast bronze statue in Portugal and is the oldest public statue of Lisbon and the country.

The statue depicts King Joseph I on his horse, which several snakes at its feet.

The statue stands on a pediment made of lime stone from Pero Pinheiro, flanked respectively by left and right, by allegorical sculptures of Triumph and Fame, which symbolize the submitting of the continents to the Portuguese.

Lisboa - Dom José I de Portugal
Fame, driving an elephant (representing the Asia) over a human figure (representing Africa).
Lisboa - Dom José I de Portugal
Triumph, leading a horse (for Europe) over a human figure (for America).

In front of the pedestal, facing the river, is a large relief showing the royal coat of arms, under which was placed a bronze medallion with the portrait of the Marquis of Pombal (removed in 1777 and restored in 1833). On the opposite face there is a bas-relief allegory to the Royal Generosity, translating the monarch's commitment to the reconstruction of the city destroyed by the Earthquake.

Lisboa - Dom José I de Portugal Lisboa - Dom José I de Portugal
1. The Marquis of Pombal
Lisboa - Dom José I de Portugal
2. Royal Generosity

  1. Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, Marquês de Pombal (Lisboa 1699 - Pombal 1782)
    Portuguese statesman (Wikipedia).

  2. Royal Generosity. Bas-relief on the pedestal. In the center stands Royal Generosity, a crowned female figure. On her right siders stands the Love of Virtue (a winged boy, crowned with laurel) who leads the Government of the Republic (a young man with an olive branch in his left hand) to her. In the left foreground sits the city of Lisbon (represented as a fallen down woman holding the coat of arms of Lisbon). Generosity looks at the city and shows with her left hand where it should be rebuilt. With her right hand Generosity points to Commerce, a noblely dressed man who offers her the riches of his trade. In the right background are Providence, a figure with keys and rudder, and Architecture, figure holding a square, compass and a plan of the new city.


josepho i
augusto pio felici patri patriae
quod regiis juribus adsertis legibus ememdatis
commercio propagato militia et bonis artibus restitutis
urbem funditus eversam terraemotu elegantiorem restauraverit
auspice administro ejus marchione pombalio et collegio negotiatorum curante
beneficiorum memor
a. mdcclxxv.

joachimus machadius castrius finxit et sculpsit   bartholomaeus costius statuam equestrem ex aere fudit

Lisboa - Dom José I de Portugal


Sources & Information


  • Coat of arms
  • Continents
  • Costa (Lisboa), Bartolomeu da
  • Elephant
  • Equestrian statue
  • Europe (continent)
  • Fame
  • Government
  • Horse
  • Joseph I (King of Portugal)
  • Lisboa (personification)
  • Love
  • Machado de Castro, Joaquim
  • Monarch
  • Patron goddess
  • Politician/Statesman
  • Pombal, Marquis of
  • Providentia
  • Santos, Eugénio dos
  • Snake
  • Trade / Commerce (allegorical figure)
  • Triumph
  • Locatie (N 38°42'27" - W 9°8'11") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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