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Portalegre (distrito)


Praça Dom Sancho II
(Domus Iustitiae)

Lei e Justiça

Law and Justice

Salvador Barata Feyo & António Duarte

Elvas /  Lei e Justiça   Elvas /  Lei e Justiça


Two large bronze sculptures flanking the entrance of the Domus Justitiae.

Elvas - Lei e Justiça
Lei / Law
Man with tablets (of the ten commandments) and staff
Signed: feyo
Sculpted by Salvador Barata Feyo
Elvas - Lei e Justiça
Justiça / Justice
Woman with sword and at het feet scales
Signed: dvarte 964
Sculpted by António Duarte



Location (N 38°52'36" - W 7°10'8")

Item Code: ptat062; Photograph: 3 September 2017
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