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(fr. de Borba (Matriz))
Évora (distrito)


Avenida do Povo

Fonte das Bicas

Bicas Fountain


Borba /  Fonte das Bicas   Borba /  Fonte das Bicas


Monumental fountain built in 1781 and dedicated to Queen Maria I and het King Consort Pedro III. It includes a marble tower like structure with a large royal coats-of-arms,

Borba - Fonte das Bicas
Front: Coat of arms of Portugal
Borba - Fonte das Bicas
Back: Coat of arms of ?

a relief portrait of Queen Mary I in a guirlande and on both sides bust of a man and a woman, representing the both sexes and the equality of man and woman for the crown (these busts were stolen in 2009, the man's bust seems to be replaced by a new one). - According to Patromonio Cultural the busts show Queen Mary I and King Pedro III (which is unlikely since the man has beard and Pedro III didn't). At the back of the fountain is an artifical lake.

Borba - Fonte das Bicas Borba - Fonte das Bicas
Queen Mary I
Borba - Fonte das Bicas

The fountain was designed José Álvares de Barros and made the sculptors António Franco Painho and one of the brothers Velez, an artist from Borba.


Imperantibus fidelis
sima regina nostra
maria nomine i. cum fi-
delissimo rege nostro
petro iii. obtenta regia
facultate, sub auspicio
et patrocino ill.mi ac ex-
mi vice comitis da lou
rinha a huius provnci-
æ gubernatoris vigila-
tissimi senatores huc
copio sum fontem, et ma-
gnificum opus cons-
truere fecerunt. in il-
lo (ictu oculi) ful-
gent, et nitent, regum
magnitudo et benefi-
cencia. protectoris po
testas, et amor. decuri-
onum activitas et ze-
lus, populique utilitas
et decor, et ideo iste,
in gratitudinis suæ per
petuum monumentum
hanc memoriam exa-
rare fecit. anno dom

In the reign of our most
faithful Queen
Mary, the first of the name
with our Most Reverend King
Pedro III, obtained royal
approval and under the auspices
and protection of the illustrous
Viscount of Lourinhã,
the most blessed governor
of this province, to construct
this copious fountain and
magnificent work,
in which the grandeur and
royal beneficence, the power
and the affection of the
protector, the activity and
zeal of the councilmen,
and the utility and honor
of the people shine and shine
(at first sight). For this reason,
in a signal of perpetual
gratitude, he had this memory
memorized in the year of the

Borba - Fonte das Bicas

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Location (N 38°48'22" - W 7°27'12")

Item Code: ptat056; Photograph: 3 September 2017
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