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Beja (distrito)


Praça Dom Dinis

Rei Dom Dinis de Portugal

King Denis of Portugal

Lisboa (Lisbon) 1261 - Santarém 1325),
King of Portugal and the Algarve, 1279-1325
artist unknown

Ourique /  Rei Dom Dinis de Portugal   Ourique /  Rei Dom Dinis de Portugal


Statue of king Dinis, crown on his head and with the Carta do Foral in his right hand. A Carta de Foral, or simply Foral, was a royal document in Portugal, whose purpose was to establish a concelho (Council) and regulate its administration, borders and privileges.


ao rei d. dinis
que em 8 de janeiro de 1290
na cidade de beja
deu foral a vila de ourique
a cabeça de comarca
e criando as feiras
de ourique e garvão

camara municipal
de ourique
25 de julho de 1979

To king Dinis
who on 8 January 1290
in the city of Beja
gave the Foral to the village of Ourique
raising it
to the capital of the region
and creating the fairs
of Ourique and Garvão

Municipal Council
of Ourique
25 July 1979

Ourique - Rei Dom Dinis de Portugal


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Location (N 37°39'8" - W 8°13'28")

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