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Largo Cristóvão Colombo

Cristóvão Colombo

Christopher Columbus

(prob. Cogoleto, Republic of Genua, c. 1451 - Valladolid 1506)
Italian explorer, who in Spanish service completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean that led to general European awareness of America (see Background Information)
Alberto Trindade

Cuba /  Cristóvão Colombo   Cuba /  Cristóvão Colombo


Bronze statue of Columbus, standing on a globe.

Cuba - Cristóvão Colombo Cuba - Cristóvão Colombo

The statue was unveiled 28 October 2006.

The town of Cuba in the Alentejo, Portugal, is one of the towns claiming to be the birth place of Christopher Columbus. His read name should be Salvador Fernandes Zarco, being the grandson of João Gonçalves Zarco, the discoverer of Madeira (statue).
The main argument is the name of the town, given by Columbus to the largest island in the West-Indies: "He gave the name Cuba to the second island because it was the name of his birthplace in Portugal." (da Silva, see below).
However, if this was true, why did Columbus note the name first as Colba and stated that is was a aboriginal name? He wrote: "Afterwards I shall set sail for another very large island which I believe to be Cipango, according to the indications I receive from the Indians on board. They call the Island Colba, and say there are many large ships, and sailors there." (text from Medieval Sourcebook).
About the name Cuba there is now general consesus that it is a local name, probably meaning something like cultivated land. See the article The name of Cuba by Sergio Valdés Bernal from Cubarte (Word file here).


Descobridor das Américas

Homenagem da Câmara Municipal de Cuba e do Núcleo de Amigos de Cuba
Obra do escultor Alberto Trindade
Oferecida por José Flamínio Roza,
Presidente da Fundação Alentejo-Terra Mãe

28 outubro 2006


        o descobridor das américas sempre escondeu
as suas origens e verdadeira identidade.

        o mistério e as especulações perduraram mais
de 500 anos, a história aceitou uma incerteza.

recentemente, notáveis historiadores e
pesquisadores concluiram que "cristóvão colon"
era português.

        filho do infante d. fernando, duque de bela e de
da isabel gonçalves zarco, o seu nome era
salvador fernandes zarco e nasceu no alentejo
em cuba

terra mãe da descoberta

28 outubro 1492 – "cristovão colon" descobriu a
ilha à qual deu o nome de cuba.

a outros sítios do novo mundo foi atribuindo
nomes de terras do alentejo:

· s. cristovão · sta catarina
· s. bartolomeu · mourão
· s. vicente · s. joão
· porto santo (d'el rei) · vera cruz
· s. vicente
· sto. andré · faro · neves
· sta. cruz · conceição
· guadiana · santiago · s. vicente
· s. domingos · sta. clara
· trindade · guadalupe
· s. luís · sta. luzia · conceição · s. domingos
· s. miguel · espíritu santo

Discoverer of the Americas

Homage of the Municipal Chamber of Cuba and the Friends of Cuba Nucleus
Work of the sculptor Alberto Trindade
Offered by José Flamínio Roza,
President of the Alentejo-Our Country Foundation

28 October 2006


        the origin and true identity of the discoverer of
america have always been shrouded in mystery.

        speculation has persisted for more than 500 years.
history has accepted that which has never been proved.

        recently remarkable historians and researchers
have concluded that "cristóvão colon" was portuguese.

        son of infante d. fernando, duke of beja and of d. isabel
gonçalves zarco, his true name was salvador fernandes zarco,
and he was born in cuba, alentejo.

motherland of the discovery

28 October 1492 – "Cristovão Colon" discovers an
island, to which he gave the name of Cuba.

Other places in the new world has been attributed
names of lands of the Alentejo:

· S. Cristovão · Sta Catarina
· S. Bartolomeu · Mourão
· S. Vicente · S. João
· Porto Santo (d'el Rei) · Vera Cruz
· S. Vicente
· Sto. André · Faro · Neves
· Sta. Cruz · Conceição
· Guadiana · Santiago · S. Vicente
· S. Domingos · Sta. Clara
· Trindade · Guadalupe
· S. Luís · Sta. Luzia · Conceição · S. Domingos
· S. Miguel · Espíritu Santo


Trindade 2006

Cuba - Cristóvão Colombo


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Locatie (N 38°9'57" - W 7°53'29") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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