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Porto Judeu
(Angra do Heroísmo)
Terceira (ilha)

Reg. Aut. dos Açores

Rua Pedro Francisco  
(Pavilhão Gimnodesportivo do Porto Judeu)

Pedro Francisco

Peter Francisco

Pedro Francisco Machado
Porto Judeu 1760 - Richmond, Virgina, 1831
American patriot and soldier in the American Revolutionary War
Rui Goulart
Fundição Lage (Oliveira do Douro)

Porto Judeu /  Pedro Francisco   Porto Judeu /  Pedro Francisco


Statue of Peter Francisco at the age of 5, looking out over the sea (although as the statue is positioned, he looks inland).


The text plaque with Peter Francisco's portrait at a later age, visible on the photos of the unveiling on 23 June 2015, was not present when we visited Porto Judeo on 28 June 2016.


Rui Goulart 2015
fundição lage


Francisco's origins are shrouded in mystery. It is believed he was born on 9 July 1760 at Porto Judeu on the island of Terceira, in the Archipelago of the Azores. According to the traditional version of his biography, he was found at about age five on the docks at City Point, Virginia, on 23 June 1765, and was taken to the Prince George County Poorhouse. Not speaking English, he repeated the name "Pedro Francisco". The locals called him Peter. They soon discovered the boy spoke Portuguese and noted his clothing was of good quality.

When able to communicate, Pedro said that he had lived in a mansion near the ocean. His mother spoke French and his father spoke another language which he did not know. He and his sister were kidnapped from the grounds, but his sister escaped, while Francisco was bound and taken to a ship. Historians believe it is possible that the kidnappers intended to hold the children for ransom or that they had intended to sell them as indentured servants at their destination port in North America, but changed their minds. The Azorean legend says the Francisco family had many political enemies and set up Peter's abduction to protect him from accident or death by his parents' foes.

The statue was unveiled at the 250th anniversary of Peter Francisco's arrival in America.


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Locatie (N 38°38'54" - W 27°6'55") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: ptac122; Photograph: 28 June 2016
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