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Angra do Heroísmo
(Fr. da Sé)
Terceira (ilha)

Reg. Aut. dos Açores

Jardim Duque da Terceira

Retratos no pavimento

Portraits in the pavement

artist unknown
before 2011

Angra do Heroísmo /  Retratos no pavimento   Angra do Heroísmo /  Retratos no pavimento


Very common in Portugal is the pavement with figures in black and white stones. Often it are geometric figures, but in the Duke of Terceira park three portraits are seen in the pavement:

Angra do Heroísmo - Retratos no pavimento
Angra do Heroísmo - Retratos no pavimento
Angra do Heroísmo - Retratos no pavimento

  1. António José de Sousa Manuel de Meneses Severim de Noronha, 7.º Conde de Juro e Herdade e 1.º Marquês de Vila Flor e ainda 1.º Duque da Terceira (Lisboa 1792 - Lisboa 1860), Portuguese military officer, statesman and a leader of the Constitutionalist side in the Liberal Wars, as well as a Prime Minister of Portugal (Wikipedia).
  2. João Batista da Silva Leitão de Almeida Garrett, later 1.º Visconde de Almeida Garrett (Porto 1799 - Lisboa 1854), Portuguese poet, playwright, novelist and politician (Wikipedia).
  3. Tio António Bendito, known as Ti Bailhão, musician?


Sources & Information


  • Country: Portugal
  • Almeida Garrett, João Batista da Silva Leitão de
  • Bendito, Tio António
  • Musician
  • Noronha, António José Severim de
  • Pavement art
  • Politician/Statesman
  • Terceira, Duke of
  • Writer / poet
  • Location (N 38°39'24" - W 27°13'6")

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    Item Code: ptac115; Photograph: 27 June 2016
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