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Ponta Delgada
(Fr. de São José)
São Miguel (ilha)

Reg. Aut. dos Açores

Campo de São Francisco
(Igreja de São José)

São Francisco

Saint Francis of Assisi

born Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone
(1181/82 - 1226)
Italian friar and preacher. He founded among others the Franciscan Order. Saint Francis is one of the most venerated religious figures in history

18th century(?)

Ponta Delgada /  São Francisco   Ponta Delgada /  São Francisco


Basalt statue of Saint Francis in a niche in the top of the church façade and five limestone reliefs with - according to SIPA, the Portuguese monument site - scenes from the life of St. Francis, however, we don't recognize the scenes and the relief clearly show different saints:

Ponta Delgada - São Francisco
unknown siant
Ponta Delgada - São Francisco
St. John of God
Ponta Delgada - São Francisco
St. Mary
Ponta Delgada - São Francisco
St. John the Evangelist (?)
Ponta Delgada - São Francisco
St. Anthony of Padua

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  • Country: Portugal
  • Anthony of Padua, St.
  • Façade with statues (church)
  • Francis of Assisi, St.
  • John of God, St.
  • John the Evangelist, St.
  • Mary, St.
  • Saint (unknown)
  • Location (N 37°44'15" - W 25°40'24")

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    Item Code: ptac002; Photograph: 20 June 2016
    Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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