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Te Wero - Challenging Maori Warrior

artist unknown

Rotorua /  Te Wero - Challenging Maori Warrior   Rotorua /  Te Wero - Challenging Maori Warrior


Brown coloured statue (material?)

Information Sign

this figure of a challenging maori warrior
symbolises the courage of their race.
traditionally, when visitors arrived at a
marae they were challenged by the
bravest warrior to test whether they came
in peace or in war
presented to the citizens of rotorua
sir henry kelliher
managing director
dominion breweries ltd


Kelliher (1896-1991) got his knighthood in 1963 and resigned as managing director in 1982, setting the date of the statue between both dates.


Sources & Information


Locatie (S 38°9'15" - E 176°15'14") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: nz030; Photograph: 4 February 2008  / updated: 21 September 2009
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