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Lāčplēša iela

Lāčplēša cīņa ar bruņinieku

Lacplesis Fight with a Knight

Gaida Grundberga

Aizkraukle /  Lāčplēša cīņa ar bruņinieku   Aizkraukle /  Lāčplēša cīņa ar bruņinieku


Brick stele with a bronze relief of Lāčplēšis fighting with a man.

The saga of Lāčplēsis

The saga of Lāčplēsis – based on existing Latvian folklore – was published by Andrejs Pumpurs in 1888, a time when a new national consciousness was awakening in Latvia. The epic not only reflected this national movement, but also actually helped spur it on. The story, which is set in 13th-century pagan Latvia, about the time of the nation's conquest by the German Crusaders, recounts the exploits of a giant-sized man named Lāčplēsis, who endeavors to defend his homeland from assorted invaders. Lāčplēsis, or the Bear Slayer, is part man, part bear, a factor that accounts for his unusually large, fuzzy ears. Otherwise, a kindly figure, Lāčplēsis goes into action whenever his fellow Latvians are in trouble.


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Location (N 56°36'1" - E 25°15'27")

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Item Code: lv081; Photograph: 11 July 2013
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