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Laimdotas iela
(Kačas kalnā)

Lielvārdes Katrīna

Catherine of Lielvārde

Juris Zihmanis

Lielvārde /  Lielvārdes Katrīna   Lielvārde /  Lielvārdes Katrīna


Boulder with on the upper side a relief of a girl's face and hands. The girl is looking at the sky.


The monument illustrates a legend about the girl Catherine, who in the 17th century was burnt as a witch on the Kaças kalns (Caccia mountain), where on 13 September 1991 this monument was unveiled.


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Locatie (N 56°42'32" - E 24°51'19") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: lv080; Photograph: 11 July 2013
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