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Granīta galvas

Granite Heads

Various sculptors

Rīga /  Granīta galvas


Permanent exhiition of granite heads in front of the Arsenāls Exhition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art. Fourteen stone heads of mostly Latvian composers, writers and sculptor, flanked by two sculptures of Lilija Līce.

From left to right (only the name of the sculptor, the Latvian and English name and the date are copied from the signs; the Russian name and the full biographies of depicted persons and sculptors are not copied - photos available for the interested):

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Rīga - Granīta galvas
Rīga - Granīta galvas
Rīga - Granīta galvas
Rīga - Granīta galvas
Rīga - Granīta galvas
Rīga - Granīta galvas
Rīga - Granīta galvas
Rīga - Granīta galvas
Rīga - Granīta galvas
Rīga - Granīta galvas
Rīga - Granīta galvas
Rīga - Granīta galvas
Rīga - Granīta galvas
Rīga - Granīta galvas
Rīga - Granīta galvas
Rīga - Granīta galvas
  1. Lilija Līce. Slāpes / Thirst 1985
  2. Ainārs Zelčs. Krišjānis Barons 1984
    Krišjānis Barons (1835-1923), Latvian folklorist, writer and publicist (Wikipedia).
  3. Lea Davidova-Medene. Uga Skulme, 1972
    Uga Skulme (Jēkabpils 1895 - Moscow 1963), Latvian painter, graphic artist, art theorist and pedagogue (Wikipedia).
  4. Lea Davidova-Medene. Imanta Ziedoņa portrets / Portrait of Imants Ziedoņis, 1983
    Imants Ziedoņis (Ragaciems, Slokas pagasts 1933 - Riga 2013), Latvian poet and cultural activist (Wikipedia).
  5. Lea Davidova-Medene. Tēlnieka Teodora Zaļkalna portrets / Portrait of Sculptor Teodors Zaļkalns, 1967
    Teodors Zaļkalns (until 1930 Teodors Grīnbergs) (Allažu pagasta "Zaļajā Kalnā" 1876 - Riga 1972), Latvian sculptor (Wikipedia - his work on this site).
  6. Lea Davidova-Medene. Emīla Meldera portrets / Portrait of Emīls Melderis, 1978
    Emīls Melderis (Millers) (1889-1979), Latvian sculptor (his work on this site).
  7. Rasma Bruzīte. Gleznotājs Boriss Bērziņš / Painter Boriss Bērziņš 1984
    Boriss Bērziņš (Riga 1930 - Riga 2002), Latvian drawer and painter (Wikipedia).
    The sculptress Rasma Bruzīte was the wife of Boriss Bēziņš.
  8. Ojārs Breģis. Portrets (L. Ulmane) / Portrait (L. Ulmane) 1986
    Ligita Ulmane-Franckeviča (1947), Latvian sculptress (her work on this site).
  9. Kārlis Baumanis. Beethoven 1967
    Ludwig van Beethoven (Bonn 1770 - Wien 1827), German composer and pianist, (Wikipedia).
  10. Grairs Avetjans. Egona Līva portrets / Portrait of Egons Līvs 1986
    Egons Līvs (ps. of Egons Gūtmanis) (1924-1989), Latvian author and screenplay author.
  11. Pārsla Zaļkalne. Žana Grīva portrets / Portrait of Žanis Grīva 1971
    Žanis Grīva (ps. of Žanis Folmanis) (1910-1982), Latvian writer.
  12. Marta Lange. Emīls Dārziņš 1975
    Emīls Dārziņš (Jaunpiebalga 1875 - Riga 1910), Latvian composer, music critic and pedagogue (Wikipedia).
  13. Alberts Terpilovskis. LPSR Tautas mākslinieka, LLKJS prēmijas laureāta Raimonda Paula portrets / Portrait of Raimonds Pauls, People's Artist of the Latvian SSR and Winner of the LLKJS Prize 1978
    Raimonds Pauls (1936), Latvian composer and pianist (Wikipedia).
  14. Guna Zvaigznīte. Lūcijas Garūtas portrets / Portrait of Lūcija Garūta, 1969
    Lūcija Garūta (Riga 1902 - Riga 1977), Latvain composer, pianist and poet (Wikipedia).
  15. Lea Davidova-Medene. Eduarda Smiļģa portrets / Portrait of Eduards Smiļģis, 1974
    Eduards Smiļģis (1886-1966), actor and theatre director (Wikipedia).
  16. Lilija Līce. Klusuma brīdis / Moment of Silence 1977

Rīga - Granīta galvas



  • Bruzīte, Rasma
  • Bust
  • Composer
  • Dārziņš, Emīls
  • Davidova, Lea
  • Folklorist
  • Garūta, Lūcija
  • Grīva, Žanis
  • Lange, Marta
  • Līce, Lilija
  • Līvs, Egons
  • Melderis, Emīls
  • Painter
  • Pauls, Raimonds
  • Pianist
  • Sculptor
  • Skulme, Uga
  • Smiļģis, Eduards
  • Terpilovskis, Alberts
  • Theatre Director
  • Ulmane-Franckeviča, Ligita
  • Writer / poet
  • Zaļkalne, Pãrsla
  • Zaļkalns, Teodors
  • Zelčs, Ainārs
  • Ziedoņis, Imants
  • Zvaigznīte, Guna
  • Location (N 56°57'5" - E 24°6'15")

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    Item Code: lv077; Photograph: 10 July 2013
    Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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