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Place d'Armes
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Monument au poètes Dicks et Lentz

Monument to the poets Dicks and Lentz

Edmond de la Fontaine, pen name: Dicks (Luxembourg 1823 - 1891), national poet of Luxembourg (Wikipedia).

Michel Lentz (Luxembourg 1820 - Luxembourg 1893), Luxembourgian poet. He is best known for having written Ons Hémécht, the national anthem of Luxembourg (Wikipedia).

Pierre Federspiel

Luxembourg /  Monument au poètes Dicks et Lentz   Luxembourg /  Monument au poètes Dicks et Lentz


Monument celebrating Luxembourg's two national poets Dicks (1823-1891) and Michel Lentz (1820-1893), who wrote the words of the national anthem. The lion with shield at the top of the monument represents the Grand Duchy, while the blacksmith symbolizes the steel industry. The inscription on the pillar: Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sin (We want to stay what we are) is the motto of the Luxembourgers


Dicks am Lentz
Vum Letzeburger Volleck



Location (N 49°36'40" - E 6°7'42")

Item Code: lu034; Photograph: 16 June 2011
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