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Klaipėdos apskritis

S. Daukanto gatvė / I. Kanto gatvė


The Suffering

Memorial to the victims of Nazi and Soviet occupation
Juozas Genevičius

Klaipėda /  Kančia   Klaipėda /  Kančia


Sculpture of a sitting prisoner with a steel wire around his head. It is similar to the old Lithuanian symbol - Pensive Christ; the difference is that instead of crown of thorns, a steel wire is strapped. In front of the sculpture are plaques with the names of the victims.

The house, on the crossroad I. Kanto and S. Daukanto Street, was once home to the Klaipėda division of the KGB. Cellars hold black history of torture, while interrogations were carried out in rooms of first and second floor.


šie krauju ir ašaromis aplaistyti
vardiniai akmenys žiauria
komunistine ir nacistine
lietuvos okupacija 1940-1990 m.
These blood and tears wetting
name stones remember the cruel
Communist and Nazi
occupation of Lithuania 1940-1990.

Klaipėda - Kančia


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Location (N 55°42'55" - E 21°7'37")

Item Code: lt211; Photograph: 16 July 2013
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