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Truskavos gatvė

Skulptūrų parkas 'Truskavos vasara'

Sculpture Park 'Truskava Summer'

Various sculptors

Truskava /  Skulptūrų parkas 'Truskavos vasara'


In 2009 and 2010 was the 'Truskava Summer' of folk artist in Truskava's park, when artists from various Lithuanian towns are carving wood sculptures.
    2009 sculptures:
  1. Šv. Brunonas Kverfurtietis / St. Bruno of Querfurt
    Inscription: 1009 Šv. Brunonas, | arkivyskupas ir | vienuolis, Rusios | ir Lietuvos pasie- | nyje pagonių | trenktas į gal- | vą, su 18 saviš- | kių kovo 9 dieną | nukeliavo į dangų(St. Bruno, archbishop and monk, near the border between Rus and Lithuanian border nations beheaded with 18 brethren on March 9, went to heaven)
    Saint Bruno of Querfurt (c. 974 - February 14, 1009), also known as Brun and Boniface, is a sainted missionary bishop and martyr, who was beheaded near the border of Kievan Rus and Lithuania while trying to spread Christianity in Eastern Europe. He is also called the second Apostle of the Prussians (Old Prussians) (Wikipedia). He is mentioned on the Annals of Quedlinburg: Sanctus Bruno qui cognominatur Bonifacius archepiscopus et monachus XI. suæ conuersionis anno in confinio Rusciæ et Lituæ a paganis capite plexus cum suis XVIII, VII. Id. Martij petijt coelos. [St. Bruno, an archbishop and monk, who was called Boniface, was slain by Pagans during the 11th year of this conversion at the Rus and Lithuanian border, and along with 18 of his followers, entered heaven on March 9th (1009)]. This is the first occurence ot the name Lithiania, so this statue marks the millennium of the name Lithuania ( See here for the millennium monument in Klaipėda).
    Signed: G. Akstinas / 2009
  2. Šv. Kazimieras / St. Casimir
    Inscription: Šv. kazimieras | 1458-1484 m. | Karalaitis, | Lietuvos ir jaunimo | globėjas (St. Casimir, 1458-1484, prince, guardian of Lithuania and youth)
    Saint Casimir Jagiellon (1458 - 1484), crown prince of the Kingdom of Poland and of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, patron saint of Lithuania, Poland, and the young (Wikipedia).
    2009 m / J. Tvardauskas
  3. Three angels
    Angel with flute, signed: V. Jatulevičius 2009
    Angel with dove, signed: g. varnas / 2009
    Angel with chains, signed: A. Vasiliauskas / AV 2009 Kėdainiai

    (click on the photo for an enlargement in a separate window.)
    Truskava - Skulptūrų parkas 'Truskavos vasara'
    Truskava - Skulptūrų parkas 'Truskavos vasara'
    Truskava - Skulptūrų parkas 'Truskavos vasara'
    Truskava - Skulptūrų parkas 'Truskavos vasara'
    Truskava - Skulptūrų parkas 'Truskavos vasara'

    2010: The Four Evangelists

  4. Šv. Matas / St. Matthew, Bench with angels, looking a birds
    A. Vasiliauskas / AV 2010 Kėdainiai
  5. Šv. Jonas / St. John the Evangelist, Bench with eagle and snake
    v. jatulevičius
  6. Šv. Morkus / St. Mark, Bench with lion
    2010 / J. Tvardauskas
  7. Šv. Lukas / St. Luke, Bench with a bull
    2010 G. Akstinas GA

(click on the photo for an enlargement in a separate window.)
Truskava - Skulptūrų parkas 'Truskavos vasara'
Truskava - Skulptūrų parkas 'Truskavos vasara'
Truskava - Skulptūrų parkas 'Truskavos vasara'
Truskava - Skulptūrų parkas 'Truskavos vasara'


Sources & Information


  • Akstinas, Gintautas
  • Angel
  • Bruno of Querfurt, St.
  • Casimir, St.
  • Evangelists (Four)
  • Jatulevičius, Vidas
  • Sculpture (wooden)
  • Tvardauskas, Jonas
  • Vasiliauskas, Audrius
  • Locatie (N 55°25'53" - E 24°13'30") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: lt159; Photograph: 15 July 2013
    Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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