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Paminklas kunigaikščiams Radviloms

Monument to the princes Radziwiłł

Janusz Radziwiłł
Popiela 1612 - Tykocin 1655
voivode of Vilnius, Field Hetman of Lithuania, (Wikipedia).)
Algirdas Bosas

Kėdainiai /  Paminklas kunigaikščiams Radviloms   Kėdainiai /  Paminklas kunigaikščiams Radviloms


Bronze monument, generally speaking it is a treasure chest from which on the left side emerges a half length statue of Janusz Radziwiłł and at the back the soldiers of the Lithuanian (showing the Lotharingian cross from Lithuania's coat of arms) and Swedish troops - with the name magnus de la gardie, the Swedish Governor-General of Livonia.

Kėdainiai - Paminklas kunigaikščiams Radviloms Kėdainiai - Paminklas kunigaikščiams Radviloms Kėdainiai - Paminklas kunigaikščiams Radviloms

On the sides of the treasure chest are the several elements and symbols connected to the town history and the history of Lithuania:

  1. front: the coat of arms of Kėdainiai, and two hands shaking with a view of the Kėdainiai town hall and church. This symbolizes the Union of Kėdainiai, signed between Lithuania and Sweden in 1655.
  2. right: the monogram of Janusz Radziwiłł and the text pro patria - pro rege | pro deo - pro religione (For the Fatherland, For the King, For God, For the Religion).
  3. back: the busts of
    (right) Krzysztof Mikołaj 'the Thunderbolt' Radziwiłłkristupas | radvila | perkūnas | 1547 † 1603
    Cup-bearer of Lithuania from 1569, Field Hetman of Lithuania from 1572, Castellan of Trakai, Deputy Chancellor of Lithuania from 1579, Voivode of Vilnius Voivodeship from 1584, Great Lithuanian Hetman from 1589, and Starost (Wikipedia).
    (left)Krzysztof Radziwiłłkris- | tupas | rad- | vila ii | 1585-1640
    Field Hetman of Lithuania from 1615, Castellan of Vilnius from 1633, Voivode of Vilnius Voivodeship from 1633, Great Lithuanian Hetman from 1635 (Wikipedia).
    a knight's helmet and on the 'bands' the texts kedainių sutartis - 1629 altmarko - olivos 1660 - 1600
  4. left: the name and dates of the main figure: JONUSAS RADVILA papilys tikocina + 1612 † 1655

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Kėdainiai - Paminklas kunigaikščiams Radviloms
Kėdainiai - Paminklas kunigaikščiams Radviloms
Kėdainiai - Paminklas kunigaikščiams Radviloms
Kėdainiai - Paminklas kunigaikščiams Radviloms


paminklo pastatymą finansavo
kėdainių rajono savivaldybės taryba
ir lietuvos respublikos vyriausybė
paminklo autorius algirdas bosas
architektai: rytus vieštautas
regina tumpienė
vytautas kundrotas
The erection of the monument was funded by
Kėdainių district council
and the government of the Republic of Lithuania
Monument's author: Algirdas Bosas
Architects: Rytus Vieštautas
Regina Tumpienė
Vytautas Kundrotas


Janusz Radziwiłł was one of the most powerful people in the Polish-Lithianian Commonwealth, often described as a de facto ruler of the entire Grand Duchy of Lithuania. During the 'Deluge', the Swedish invasion of Poland-Lithuania during the Second Northern War, he sided with the Swedish king signing the Treaty of Kėdainiai and the Union of Kėdainiai. This move however antagonised him with most of other nobles, including members of his own family. His forces were eventually defeated in battle and he himself died in a besieged castle at Tykocin.

Kėdainiai - Paminklas kunigaikščiams Radviloms


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Location (N 55°17'8" - E 23°58'54")

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Item Code: lt154; Photograph: 15 July 2013
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